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Moral reconation therapy (MRT) is an evidence-based therapeutic technique that can be used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.  This form of therapy was originally intended to be used in prison-based groups, but it is now a widely-accepted treatment for addicted individuals.

Moral reconation therapy is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and it can be a powerful tool to help individuals who have been resistant to traditional addiction treatment. Find out where this therapy is offered when you call Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson at (601) 326-1554.

Understanding Moral Reconation Therapy

Although the first published report describing MRT didn’t appear until 1988, the development of this method occurred between 1979 and 1983.  The first draft of the workbook currently used by moral reconation groups was written during this period.

The basic idea behind MRT is that long-term substance abusers make poor decisions because of a flawed sense of moral reasoning.  Their actions are based on pleasure-seeking instincts, and they have little regard for the well-being of other people; their hedonistic behavior leaves them with little concern for society’s laws.

Proponents of MRT believe that improving a person’s level of moral reasoning can help them change their behavior and make better choices.  To achieve this better sense of moral reasoning, drug addicts must acknowledge the consequences of their actions and take responsibility for this behavior.

Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of moral therapy; in fact, more than 120 research studies can validate this powerful cognitive-behavioral technique.  Research has shown that MRT can improve participants’ sense of purpose and enhance their level of moral reasoning.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration named MRT an “Evidence-based Program” in 2009, and the program has also been added to the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs.

MRT groups can be found in nearly every state in the nation, and several countries utilize the program worldwide.

The Moral Reconation Therapy Process

Moral therapy groups are run by facilitators who have completed the basic MRT training program.  Each participant is required to have a workbook in order to do the homework assignments and group exercises.  A typical MRT group will meet once or twice a week, and most groups are made up of about 12 to 15 members.

MRT groups are open-ended, which means that new participants can join the group at any time.  Over the course of the program, group participants work through the 12 steps of MRT, which are based on seven fundamental treatment issues.  MRT is a peer-driven approach, and participants learn from each other even more than they learn from their workbooks.  Most MRT programs run for 12 to 16 weeks.

Benefits for Moral Reconation Therapy Participants

Although moral therapy can be used in any case of substance abuse, it is especially effective for individuals who haven’t had success with conventional addiction treatment.  MRT has been proven to work well with both genders, and it can be used with populations of all ages.

Many proponents of MRT cite its low cost as a key benefit, and the program doesn’t require a high level of reading among its participants.  MRT is usually implemented alongside other forms of addiction treatment, including psychotherapy, medication and support groups.

Moral therapy offers many benefits to participants.  The program is designed to change the way participants think about what is right and wrong:  This improved sense of moral reasoning can help them in multiple areas of their lives.

People who participate in MRT tend to appreciate the safe and supportive atmosphere of the group.  A bond forms among members as they develop a sense of mutual trust.  Participants in the group learn how to ask for help and accept help from one another.

Hear more about this and other therapy options intended to treat drug addiction when you call Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson at (601) 326-1554.

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