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Drug involves people engaging compulsively in acts of obvious self-harm, seemingly oblivious of the consequences. Understandably, it is a difficult concept for most people to understand. The truth is that people who use drugs are not in control of their actions. Once a person begins to use drugs, they bring about long-term physical and chemical changes in the brain. It takes far more than willpower and good intentions to break free. It takes drug rehab.

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What to Expect from Drug Rehab

Drug rehab centers offer patients protection against themselves in a drug-free setting. Drugs are difficult to quit, of course, because doing so brings about serious withdrawal symptoms. From nausea to muscular cramps, depression to suicidal sessions and arrhythmia to cardiac arrest, patients go through extremely difficult reactions. At rehab, though, patients are placed in detoxification, and carefully treated with specific psychiatric and physical drugs to counter these effects.

After a few weeks of such detoxification, patients emerge cleansed, and free of their cravings. Nevertheless, they tend to still be vulnerable. It can take a dedicated group of mental health professionals to guide the patient through cognitive behavioral therapy, twelve-step programs and a multitude of other treatments to help equip them with the skills necessary to resist the draw of drugs in the future.

Addicts are usually people usually turned to drugs or alcohol for escape. They simply get more than they bargained for. Addiction brings about significant changes in the brain. It taps circuits that powerfully attach to the drug habit with extreme tenacity. A deep-seated desire to escape problems rather than face them, can make it very difficult for addicts to accept their reality. Rehab will often attempt to address such escapism through therapy. Before rehab, though, an intervention is often the way to reach an addict.

Intervention for Drug Rehab

An intervention is an organized, confrontational meeting between an addict, their friends, family, and other persons with close ties to the individual, who are concerned about the addict’s addiction, health, behaviors, and their emotional and psychological well-being. The ideal outcome for an intervention is the addict accepting that he or she needs help and agreeing to enter rehab. Interventions of this type are called direct interventions.

A direct intervention is one planned and initiated by others without the knowledge or input of the addict.  Direct interventions are also called formal interventions due to the planning, set time and date, the aspect of “inviting” friends and loved ones to participate. An informal intervention is an unplanned opportunity to talk with a friend or loved one that is believed to have an addiction in an informal setting.

An indirect intervention involves working with a co-dependent family to educate and practice important skills that will allow them to interact with the addict in a manner that does not enable, coddle, exhibit anger, or make excuses for the addict. The purpose of these strategic interactions are to behave in such a way that the addict is forced to accept consequences for the addiction and force them to choose their path without the aid of anyone.

  • Forcible Intervention is a direct form of intervention that involves physical force. Family members or friends capture or confine the addict. In these cases the intervention may be illegal.
  • Motivational Interviewing is accomplished by a counselor or physician through conversational techniques that are non-threatening to the addict. These conversations attempt to guide the addict to a conclusion that they should seek help, or enter into treatment.
  • Systemic Family Model Intervention is a type of blended intervention that includes participation from the addict as well as the family. There are normally up to 5 planned sessions where a professional educates and counsels everyone together. All member of the family works to create change within themselves in addition to the addict. Sessions may be attended with or without the addict and may be continued even if the addict refuses to participate.
  • ARISE is the most common blended intervention approach. With the use of an intervention specialist the intervention is planned. The addict is informed of the planned meeting and is made fully-aware of the intervention.

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