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Not everything in life has as ready a solution as addiction. While it is true that the process may not be fast or easy, it is possible through the programs and services offered at Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson. Making a decision to get help and following through on that decision is the first step towards sobriety. Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson provide evidence-based interventions that have been restoring balance to people’s lives for years. Call Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson today at (601) 326-1554.

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Entering rehab can feel like a monumental undertaking. But at Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson we make it easy for you. Whether you have been a substance abuser for a long or a short time, the process of getting into treatment is pretty much the same for everyone. However, that’s where the similarities end. Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson take a personalized approach to treatment which means everyone’s journey from intake is uniquely their own. Everyone’s substance abuse journey and the impact of addiction on each individual is based on the variables of genetic predisposition, environment, physical and psychological health and medical history. And as studies show, even twins will have variations in some aspect of their lives therefore no two person will experience addiction exactly the same way. Customizing treatment programs is based on this premise and it has been supported by the success rate and outcomes of individualized treatment processes.

Treatment Options

Depending on how you want to approach your treatment our facility offers the following options such as:

  1. Inpatient Medical Detox
  2. Residential/Inpatient
  3. Partial Hospitalization
  4. Intensive Outpatient

Inpatient Medical Detox provides around the clock medical oversight while the patient is eliminating toxins accumulated in the body from habitual drug or alcohol abuse. The process includes, alleviating undue discomfort and mitigating the risks of withdrawal symptoms, stabilizing emotional and behavioral complications, providing emergency treatment in the event of life-threatening medical conditions exacerbated by the withdrawal symptoms and administration of medication relevant to the patient’s need without hindering the detox process.

Residential Treatment programs involve living at the rehab facility for 30 to 90 days or longer. This is an intense treatment program in which our board certified team of addiction professionals work with you to learn new coping skills, relapse prevention mechanisms and plan an aftercare program with the sole purpose of achieving full recovery and sustaining sobriety.  Studies show that people who participate in long term addiction treatment programs have significantly reduced recidivism rates.

Partial Hospitalization programs is a short-term outpatient program that provides treatment and support for patients who are classified as stable, but nonetheless, continue to need medical monitoring. This treatment options can be an important first step towards independent living because it allows patients to maintain autonomy while receiving therapeutic treatment on a consistent basis.

Intensive Outpatient programs provide a more comprehensive treatment process than traditional outpatient programs that consist of a few therapy sessions. This program necessitate numerous weekly therapy sessions at our drug rehab facility with experienced addiction counselors.

If you or a love one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction we can help. Call Alcohol Drug Treatment Jackson today at (601) 326-1554 where a caring counsel can assist you with finding the right treatment program and explain our admission procedures.

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